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Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

Technical Specificationsgears

System Requirements

Click here to download a pdf of the requirements.

For the successful implementation of iTaLAM in your school,

please read the  following technical requirements:

Minimum Requirements Recommended Specifications
1. Internet per 20 concurrent users 50 Mbps and more
2. Operating System (PC) Windows 7 and later
3. Browser Chrome (from Desktop)*
4. Chromebook 2014 2015 and later
5. iPad Air (not compatible with other iPad models)* iPad Air 2 and later iOS 10 and later
6. Processor Intel i5 Intel i7 and later
7. RAM 8GB
8. Accessories Each device should have earphones, microphone, and camera (built in or added). Except for iPad, device must have external mouse (not touchpad).

Additional recommendations:

  • It is highly recommended that each classroom have an access point within the room.
  • The access point should support a large number of users (over 100).
  • If possible, use only one dedicated gateway for the iTaLAM app as iTaLAM is sensitive to changes in gateway.

*Access via iPad requires application download to specified device.

For additional technical support questions, please contact our support team: