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What does iTaLAM provide?

Students’ usernames  to access an innovative digital environment. Students’ booklets, online teachers guides (in Hebrew and in English), teacher training, online professional development through the year, classroom posters of commonly referred to access skills. (For more info about our Professional Development click here)

For which grades are the iTaLAM materials available?

The iTaLAM  materials are intended for grades one through four.

Grades 2 & 3 are available for the 2017-18 school year.

Grades 1 (Ariot & Shalom) and 4 (HaKita HaMeyuchedet) will be available for the 2018-19 school year.

What are the main features of iTaLAM?
  • Facilitated personalized instruction and learning adapted to each student’s level and interests.
  • Accelerated learning through focused flipped instruction.
  • Autonomous learning that enables every student to advance at his/her own pace
  • Fun and engaging activities for students.
  • An advanced Learning Management System, including advanced monitoring and reporting of students’ progress both in class and at home.
  • Ability to connect children not attending Jewish schools to their heritage.
  • Possibility for students to work in groups and utilize social networking for learning purposes.
  • An environment that teaches children to use technology for learning, in addition to its social and entertainment functions.
What are the iTaLAM benefits for the students and teachers?
  • Extending Jewish studies beyond school hours
  • Students practice in their preferred time and place
  • Interactive self-learning activities
  • Outcomes are saved in a virtual notebook and sent to the teacher for evaluation
  • Students control their individual learning pace
  • Advanced teaching and management tools for teachers
  • Full flexibility in selecting teaching methods in the classroom
  • On goign assessmnet reports avaliable for teachers and principals at all time.
  • Online Professional Development
Is iTaLAM connected with a specific movement or hashkafah of Judaism?

iTaLAM created to serve schools of many affiliations. Today many schools  across North America Europe and all over the globe include iTaLAM in their curriculum, including schools affiliated with RAVSAK, independent schools, and schools that identify themselves as Modern Orthodox.

Can differentiated instruction be implemented with iTaLAM?

Yes! The iTaLAM digital environment was developed in 3 levels for different types of students in the same class.

How can technology be integrated into the classroom with iTaLAM?

iTaLAM is a new digital blended learning environment based on the successful TaL AM program, a Hebrew language and Jewish heritage curriculum. The use of the digital environment is with the printed materials in the classrooms such as workbooks, flashcards, posters, games and more. Using iTaLAM on the computers and iPads in the classroom allows working in small groups and with “another teacher” in the classroom.

How do I get iTaLAM in my school?

We first encourage schools to attend an introductory meeting about the program. To learn more about iTaLAM, please check our calendar for upcoming open house dates.

The next step is to evaluate your school’s technical infrastructure to make sure it is compatible with the program.

  • Click here to view the technical requirements.
  • The iTaLAM program is currently compatible with PC (Windows), Chromebook, and iPad Air 2 (or later). Other devices will not be compatible.

For further questions about iTaLAM, please contact

What are the technical requirements to use iTaLAM?

Please review the Technical Requirements for iTaLAM.