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iTaLAM 3

iTaLAM 3

Teachers of Hebrew Language and Jewish Heritage in the Diaspora are expected to teach Hebrew as a language of heritage that shapes Jewish identity.


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B'hatzlecha B'Kita

The material that will be taught in the Hebrew Language unit called “B’hatzlecha B’Kita” deals with four main topics:


  • “The Memory Box” that help students remember what they learned in the past and helps them remember new information they acquire throughout the year.
  • Rules for learning that help students learn successfully in the classroom.
  • The concept of multiple Intelligences that help us think, learn and accomplish multiple types of tasks successfully.
  • A deeper acquaintance with the various students in the class including their character and hobbies that are unique to each individual.


In the holidays unit for 3rd grade students develops multi-directional understanding of the history behind the holidays, the laws and the customs of each holiday. The students also learn the blessings that are said in greeting to their family and friends that are unique for each holiday.


The Shabbat track is based on the view that Shabbat is a central and unifying component of Israel’s heritage. The program is an exciting, fascinating and varied experience. The contents and songs appear in the style of the Sephardic and Ashkenazi communities and enable diversity and identification with all streams and communities.


In the iTaLAM third grade curriculum, Shabbat focuses on Shabbat Mevarchim, the Shabbat before Rosh Chodesh. The program of Shabbat Mevarchim connects each Shabbat with an interesting subject matter or holiday that will take place in the upcoming month.


The program is structured, in-depth, and contains a series of library books that are adapted from midrashim with a relevant message to each Shabbat’s topic, in accordance with the contents of each month. These booklets constitute a prelude and preparation for what will be learned in the Chaggim track.

On the digital track there is an animated song for welcoming in each Shabbat. All of the books also have a digital version, accompanied by activities and games.