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iTaLAM 1

iTaLAM 1


We are so excited to announce that iTaLAM is coming to 1st Grade!! As of Fall 2018 your students will be able to enjoy the latest educational technology and modern teaching methods when learning Hebrew. iTaLAM introduces digital components and gamification which serve to provide an engaging, interactive and multisensory experience for students. This platform includes online games, songs, interactive stories, and fun activities. Students are encouraged to delve into the material and contribute in a creative capacity both in the classroom and at home.


The main features of iTaLAM include:

  • Facilitated personalized instruction and learning adapted to each student’s level and interests.
  • Accelerated learning through focused flipped classroom instruction.
  • Autonomous learning that enables every student to advance at his/her own pace.


Click here to view the technical requirements for iTaLAM.


The Ariot track deals with the acquisition of the letters alef and bet through songs, stories, comprehension activities and games. The goal of the program is for the students to enjoy the Hebrew language and develop the ability to understand Hebrew, read Hebrew, write in Hebrew, speak in Hebrew and connect with the heritage of the Jewish people. In addition, students will develop active vocabulary, communicate in Hebrew and make mistakes of their own! The program includes: a digital system with a sophisticated LMS as well as a Hebrew environment, workbooks, posters, flashcards and games.


In the program, students use all the communication channels at their disposal to absorb the various content (areas of emphasis include: listening – exposure to standardized Hebrew over an extended period of time, developing listening and focusing learners to that which they need to pay attention, reading – a combination of phonetic reading and complete word reading, writing – sharpening the letter to sound connection, speaking – confidence through oral expression in Hebrew, listening to oneself and enhancing the sense of ability – I can!)

They can learn anywhere and anytime. And learning is accelerated by both the digital components and the joy of learning.



The unit consists of two parts: Shalom BaKita (in the classroom) and Shalom BaBayit uVaChutz (at home and outdoors). The first part focuses on the class, familiarizing the children with their fellow students, with the classroom environment and the objects it contains, with their daily routines and with the learning process. The second part deals with the objects and daily routines in the home, connecting them to the Jewish way of life, and also with the world surrounding the children and the various weather phenomena existing in nature. The learning is conducted through activities and concrete experiences facilitated through the Hebrew environment in the classroom.