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iTaLAM Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of Israel!

iTaLAM Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of Israel!

We invite you to join us in learning and honoring Israel's 70th Independence Day. We are offering you a gift! The escape room, designed for students in grades 2-5, is based on the iTaLAM curriculum. Come and join us and you can run the escape room yourself with students and parents in school.

What do you need to get the Escape Room started in your classroom?

Soon the days will arrive to mark the great miracle that happened to the Jewish people in the past hundred years, the establishment of the State of Israel after 2,000 years of exile and the absence of Jewish sovereignty. Jews throughout the world celebrate the birthday of the State of Israel. In iTaLAM, the students learn about the historical development of the Land of Israel, from the moment of the promise of the land to Abraham, the building of the Temple in the days of David and Solomon, the destruction of the First Temple and the rebuilding of the Second Temple. Destruction of the temple and exile to the Diaspora for 2000 years.hatikva


  1. The State flag - the structure and origin of the flag.
  2. State emblem - the structure and origin of the symbol.
  3. Anthem - meaning and content of the anthem.
  4. Prayer for the welfare of the state - meaning and content of the prayer.
    For each symbol, there is a special source and meaning.

The students listen to the Israeli national anthem, "Hatikvah," and watch a series of pictures illustrating the text. They can record themselves reading or singing the anthem. The students learn to compare their personal birthday to a national birthday, Independence Day - the birthday of the State of Israel.


The children learn about the longing for the State of Israel and learn how Independence Day is celebrated in Israel. In the third grade, the children study the unit (Kef l’Tayel b’Yisrael) "fun to travel in Israel" and learn about the historical places in Israel while studying and comparing events and images from past and present Israel.