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Happy Passover!

Happy Passover!

שאלותPassover is the holiday in which the people of Israel became the Jewish people. In iTaLAM, the students learn the founding story of the people of Israel, from the descent of Jacob and his sons to Egypt up until the exodus from being slaves in Egypt to freedom. The students listen to the story, watch animations and play the various interactive activities.

In the program, the students study the Passover Haggadah, become familiar with the items on the Seder table: matzos, kiddush cups, wine, Pesach bowl, Haggadot, grape juice, salt water, and Elijah’s cup. They learn about the order of the Seder with the help of signs designated for each of the Seder stages and the appropriate actions: Kadesh - blessing the wine, Rahatz - washing hands without the blessing etc. They learn why this night is different from other nights and the students will read and record themselves singing Seder songs and blessings.

Through iTaLAM, the students study about the special commandment of Pesach and "and you shall explain to your son" at the appropriate time. The purpose of the song is to link the mitzvot and Hagada to the sources from the Torah, and to move from the language of the Torah to the classroom: "And you shall tell your son" means: We need to tell the children about the story of the Exodus from Egypt.

Join us to learn about Judaism and heritage through iTaLAM at our next open house!