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שנה טובה ומתוקה

שנה טובה ומתוקה

Dear Friends,

As we approach the New Year, I am delighted to share with you a short letter with highlights from the iTaLAM 2017-18 school year and a look at highlights planned for the year ahead.



Our headlines from the 2017–2018 school year: iTaLAM keeps moving forward!ariot

  • iTaLAM’s blended learning program was used in 160 schools across 28 countries.
  • 900 teachers participated in in-person and online training.
  • 9100 children participated in iTaLAM’s enriching and exciting program, learning Hebrew through personal, multi-sensory engagement with Jewish heritage, Torah, and Israeli life.shalom
  • iTaLAM’s talented development team completed the Ariot and Shalom tracks in first grade and Chayey Yom Yom track in fourth Grade – all piloted throughout the school year in 26 schools around the world.


Our headlines for 2018-2019 school year: More of iTaLAM, for more children!

  • iTaLAM will be in 200 schools across 35 countries, engaging 18,000 children ages 6-11.
  • 1,200 teachers are expected to participate in training, including a brand-new, extensive online training initiative across the school year.
  • More development is in the pipeline as we near the finish line: The curriculum for Grades 1 and 4 Chagim, Shabbat, and Torah will be the focus in this coming school year.



iTaLAM is also thrilled to share with you that TaL AM, the organization established, nurtured, and developed so successfully by Tova and Shlomo Shimon, Miriam Cohen, and Drorit Farkash transitioned this year to a new organization,, operating out of Montreal and Israel. We are extremely grateful to the AVI CHAI Foundation, which has generously supported the development of iTaLAM up to this point, to CIJE for the support in the field and to Compedia, our partners, who manage the technical development of the program. We look forward to building new partnerships with new supporters going forward in order to ensure that Jewish children around the world can benefit from the excellence and wide range of iTaLAM educational products.

With so many exciting developments and transitions ahead, we welcome the ongoing commitment and support of all of our partners – principals, teachers, school communities, foundations, philanthropists – and hope that we all may enjoy a wonderful, sweet, successful, peaceful year ahead.


Shana Tova U’metuka,